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business model!

The Sky's The Limit

Only 20 clients can net you $3,000 per month in income.
More clients, more bucks!

This is a complete business model, a turn-key opportunity that gives you all the tools you need to create your very own local-based social media management firm. No products to keep in stock, or parties to throw… just your love of learning and your good sense.

With a small client roster, you can live comfortably while working from your home office. I don’t tout you’ll make 10 grand a month – but how does $3000 per month sound to you?

My Social Mama Biz Box will get you running your own local based social media management firm in your first week! I’ve mapped it out, created the tools, and sourced the best applications (some are free) to successfully launch your own small business.

What will you get? I got you covered…

Prospecting Tools

Learn how to define your perfect client – then find them! I show you how to become a Master Prospector. Get the right leads and size up your future clients by their online presence.

Email Plan of Attack

Skillfully crafted and proven cold email templates that will garner a response – (even if they aren’t interested). They will think enough of you to offer a “Thanks, but no thanks!” and that is more valuable than you might imagine! quam.

Follow Up Formula

2nd – 3rd – 4th tier follow up emails that will compel people to click on your calls to action, i.e. “Check out my site” – Or – “Here are some examples” – etc

Appointment Setting & Sales Call Strategy

Prospects will want to talk to you. But fear not! I’ll teach you how to keep the call short and sweet. In most cases a call takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Entrepreneurs are clear cut – you will be too!

You’ll have to talk to people on the phone or in person (only if you want to), either way, I will give you a step-by-step guide to communicating how, from a strategic standpoint, local based social media management is superior to big box online services.

In other words – because you’re local too – they will be more compelled to work with you. I will teach you to leverage the “Support Local Business” movement to reach your desired client roster number.

Rebuttal Emergency Tool Kit

How to answer objections to social media management like, “Why can’t you guarantee an ROI?” etc

Your Service

Concise service offerings. No fuss no muss! Provide 3 different monthly plan options – that’s it! Help them choose the right package and get to work!

Your Product:

I will show you shortcuts that will give you awesome content for days! Learn how to curate the best blogs, infographics, and videos for your niche markets – where to go – how to organize them and basically automate the posting process without having to buy fancy online apps. You already have everything you need.

Bonus ProTip:

Learn how one of those free website creators can get you started off on the right foot! Think shoestring budget for your new running-your-own-business shoes!

These are the tools that will get you clients as soon as you put them into action!

20 Clients with basic services earns you $3000 per month.

Its simple math.

You can do this! I did.


Strictly Limited to  5  Participants – Only 3 Left!

Social Mama Basic Biz Box

$899 – Includes everything above + Special Bonus: One-on-One Prospecting Tele-Session, I will help you find your first 50 Leads!

  • This package pays for itself with your first 3 signed clients. I had 5 in my first 6 weeks while still working my crappy full time telecommute job. (In other words, you can get to this number a lot sooner if you put in the time!)

Basic Biz Box $899

Social Mama Incubator

$1500 – In Addition to everything included in the Basic Biz Box, You also get Valuable Email & Chat Sales Support for 6 Full Weeks. Simply send me your questions, challenges, and roadblocks and I will help you through the first 1½ months to help you succeed and please your clients so much they will be sending you referrals!

+ Bonus! TWO  Half-Hour One-on-One Tele-Sessions

Incubator Biz Box $1500

Available Add On:

4 – One Hour Mentoring Tele-Sessions for $240 (That’s just $60 per mentoring call!) It’s just you and me helping you clear out the doubt, clutter, and roadblocks. I help you to find solutions.

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Everyday Users

Local Businesses

If you’re still reading then you’re just like I was – you want (and deserve) an income you can count on and nurture. You’re wondering if it even exists. And you’re spiraling into a deep funk!

I finally started asking myself some important questions…

What is my motivation here?

Why am I searching and sifting through the BS to find someone else to work for?

Will I ever find something real; where I can stay at home and earn a decent living? (Because I want or need to?)


I started this business out of sheer desperation –
I needed to start making money fast!

What’s worse is, if I couldn’t make it happen, I would have to face going back into the outside workforce again.

I loathe office politics, fake conversations with mean people, and wearing pants.

The latter most of all – my office attire now consists of joggers, a band T, and flipflops!

I’ll level with you – a friend of a friend became my first client quite by happenstance.

Once I realized what I had – I started reaching out to local entrepreneurs and…
WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I had my first 5 clients up and running like a well oiled machine in no time at all!

…And the rest as they say is history.

So I got to thinking – what’s next for me? I make good money now but how can I do more?

A few weeks of soul searching went by when it hit me! My 23 year old daughter popped over for a visit – right as I closed a client worth $790. (After only a few emails and a 15 minute call)

She said, “WOW MOM – Will you teach me how to do this?” And I thought…

thumbsupYEAH! I can teach you how to do this!

I can also teach other people, like you, how to do this too!

So why would you want to learn all this from me? And why should you pay me to you show you how to work for yourself?

I have over 20 years of B2B inside sales experience. I know what makes the small business person tick. My approach is current, solution based, not pushy, and highly effective.

I show you how to cut to the chase, gain respect, and have meaningful conversations about what you offer – and best of all – be heard. (You’re are still reading this right!?)

You’ll find out why a NO is still an opportunity to make a connection. I do this trick all the time and it works! (Simple + Polite = Friendly Referrals)

Think about it – your community has hundreds of small businesses –

you only need 20 to make a livable wage ($3000 per month).

I’ll show you how I did it!

Let’s be straight with each other for a minute…

This is work – and you need to be dedicated to what you’re doing – it’s not a 9 to 5 job where your boss is monitoring your coffee break. You have to be in charge of you!

If you don’t have basic time management accountability – you will get off track or worse, piss off your clients. You don’t want that!

If you’re this kind of person – you know who you are – you might want to consider my mentoring package. I can help you gain some momentum and kick ya in gear a little! It won’t take long before you catch fire —- then the rest is up to you!

Look – I wasn’t sure I could do this when I first started – but I weighed out my options…..

Do I want to deal with office politics and people I probably wouldn’t associate with otherwise, while wearing tight pants?

OR.. Do I want to invest the time and effort into building something sustainable for myself, and for my family?

So when I saw it that way – there really was no other choice – sans pants…

I went for it – You should too!


This is a no brainer...

it works


My Approach Celebrates...



Tell me...

what more could you want?

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